Welcome!  I am Carla Hanson, the owner of Aquinas Homeschool Books, and I’m hoping to entice my husband, Robert, to join me here as well.  My goal here is to discuss homeschooling from a Catholic perspective.  I’ll tell you about what we do, and I hope to hear what works for you.  Though this is the 10th anniversary of our website, I am completely new to blogging. 

Here’s a little more about our family.  We have 5 great kids (so far).  The oldest is 13, and the youngest is 3.  We have homeschooled them most of the time and had a great deal of fun doing it.  We use a method that, like most homeschoolers, is all our own.  If I had to define it, I guess I’d call it ecclectic classical homeschooling with a cup of Charlotte Mason, a teaspoon of Maria Montessori, and a pinch of Mary Hood thrown in for good measure. 

When I say classical, I don’t mean that the children spend the majority of their time studying Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome (though we’ve been there and done that and will again in another year or so).  Instead, I mean that we use the trivium as the background and method for what we do on a daily basis.  For a wonderful, pithy, entertaining definition of just what that means, take a look at Dorothy Sayer’s essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning.”  

If you don’t feel like reading that essay right now, well, my next post is an explanation of what classical education is all about.

My goal will be to add to this blog about once a week, so come back in a week (or two).  We can put our feet up and share a nice, warm cup of coffee.  Wait.  What’s that sound?  Is that your 3-year-old or mine?  Well, back to work, but what better work is there?