In my last post, I mentioned that my mom recently sent me an article from The Wall Street Journal reviewing a book called Our Year of Learning Dangerously.  What I didn’t mention was what my mom wrote at the bottom corner of the article–“You should write a book.”  I don’t know if I really could or not, but it sure was nice of my mom to suggest. 

You see, when we started this homeschooling adventure 12 years ago (or 17 years ago given that we planned to do it from the time our eldest daughter was a baby), our parents thought we were nuts.  They never said it outloud to us, and for that I am grateful, but nonetheless it’s true.  Now, I don’t know if we have the full support of 100% of our respective families, but I can say this at least.  After keeping up with the news and keeping up with her grandkids, my mom is now our biggest supporter.

So if your parents or other relatives think you’re nuts for homeschooling your kids, that’s okay.  They probably already think you’re nuts for trying to live your faith or trying to eat nourishing foods or wanting a farm or whatever else may be true about you.  Give them a few years to get used to the idea without making a big deal out of it.  And give them a chance to watch your kids grow up without using the word “like” 3 times in every sentence or idolizing Hannah Montana (or is that out of date already?).  Give them a chance to see children who have interests related to who God made them to be, not just the latest craze of their peers.  Give them a chance to get to know your children who, more than likely, actually enjoy reading good books.  Give them a chance to to know your children who actually want to do what is virtuous because it is pleasing to God.

They’ll come around.