Based on the last couple posts, you might think all we do around here is take vacations.  It’s not true–really it’s not; yet, here I am blogging about vacations again.

Every February, the kids and I all get a little grumpy, and education seems to be far more of a chore than it does the rest of year.  I think it’s because winter has…just…gone…on…so…long.  So last year, I finally decided that sometime in February would be the first annual (doesn’t that term make you laugh?) wish-it-were-spring break. 

Last year, it was a complete break, and honestly, just knowing that a break is coming up in a few weeks does wonders to refresh one’s spirits.  In fact, I think that having something to look forward to is always a pretty huge motivator.  It really did help, and the weeks following it were easier even if spring still hadn’t come.

This year, we were falling a bit behind on literature, so I used my best marketing abilities and the relatively short memories of my children to announce that 3 weeks hence, we would have “literature week” where the only assignments would be the literature the kids were reading individually plus the literature I was reading to everyone aloud.  It worked, and the children were excited.  Fortunately no one remembered that last year at about the same time, they got the week off entirely.

Anyway, one of the many joys of homeschooling is that you get to set your own schedule.  If you have some kids in school and some you are homeschooling or (like us for many years) your spouse is a teacher, it makes sense to plan your scheduling according to the school’s for the most part, but if that isn’t the case, take advantage of the freedom of homeschooling to plan breaks when they are most needed.  For us, that need definitely comes in February!

When do you and your kids need a break most?