I’m posting a day earlier than planned on this, the feast of the glorious Saint Joseph, as St. Teresa of Avila would say.  This is the last day of a campaign to save Aquinas and More Catholic Bookstore.  This beautiful, faithful online store is owned by good friends of ours, Ian and Paula Rutherford and their 10 children.  What I love most of all about their store are two things:

1.  Their “good faith guarantee”–if it isn’t in line with the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church, it isn’t found in their store, so you can go to the site and relax and enjoy, not having to worry about whether a book you’re interested in will be faithful.  It will!

2.  They don’t buy anything made in China.  I just found that out, and it is something we as a family try to do as well, though we don’t always succeed.  I’m quite positive that making that decision has meant financial sacrifice for the Rutherfords, but they are living out their belief (and mine) that we shouldn’t send our dollars to a government that imprisons and tortures Christians and others who speak out against the oppressive communist government there.

They were going to close the business down and then decided to give it one last try if it’s God’s will to keep it open.  They are trying to raise $250K, and this is the last day, so if you read this, please do what you can here: 


If you pledge to support them, the money will only be used if they actually reach the $250K.  As of right now, they’ve only raised $57K, which is pretty huge actually, but not nearly enough.  Pray for sure and help financially if you can.

God bless,