Happy feast of Mary the Mother of God, and happy New Year!  As a homeschool mom expecting a new baby, I decided that the best goal I could set for 2014 is to stop rushing.  I have a tendency to rush through the day because I have so much to accomplish in a day.  I need time for prayer, time for homeschooling, time for work as a medical transcriptionist, time for cleaning, and ideally a bit of time for spinning and weaving for my etsy shop, which I find so very relaxing and enjoyable. 

As rich and varied as my day is, I have a tendency to go as fast as possible because there’s just…so…much…to…do, and when the newest bunchkin is born in the next couple months, there will be so much more to do and so much less time to do it in, but I can’t wait!

My problem is that I tend to put the need to “do” ahead of the need to “be,” and as a child of God, a wife, and a mother (my most important roles), the being is really far more important.  If I put being ahead of doing, then I am in the right frame of mind to stop and snuggle a child who is having a hard time with her math lesson.  If I put being ahead of doing, then I remember that sometimes cookies are really more important than a clean kitchen.  And if I put being ahead of doing, then I can follow the example of our blessed Mother who “pondered these things in her heart” and thus live a more Christ-centered life.

I’m really not lecturing anyone here–just reminding myself of what my readers probably already know.