In our family, some subjects are negotiable, but most are not. Here’s the list of subjects that I consider necessary and why. They go hand in hand with the Trivium, which includes Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

Feel free to add your own below and also to use this the next time one of your children asks, “But how will I ever use this in real life?”

Theology – to please God
Math – to be able to function in the world as a good steward
Great Literature – to maintain and renew a common culture
History – To understand the world we live in and make it better
Science – To understand this amazing universe God made
A second language and culture – To be able to communicate with others and understand what pertains to universal human nature and what is merely a cultural norm
Logic – To be capable of voting responsibly and to avoid being hoodwinked by the unscrupulous
Music and Art – To appreciate beauty, which is an attribute of God Himself, and because the best way to do that is to take part in the challenge of creating it
Writing – To be able to communicate elegantly so as to persuade others of the logical conclusions drawn from the study of logic
Grammar – This is part of communicating elegantly and persuasively

This same list can be found on my post called “Confessions of an Ex-Unschooler.”