A great deal has occurred since I last wrote here. My mother passed away, so please keep her in your prayers if you would be so kind. We had a new baby boy after a 9-year gap due to some health problems of mine that have happily resolved. If that isn’t proof that NFP really does work, I don’t know what is!

My husband is working here in town as well as teaching theology classes online for a Catholic homeschooling organization. I am continuing to work as a medical transcriptionist and, obviously, to homeschool our children.

E, our eldest daughter has graduated from high school and is currently going to the local community college as well as working as a preschool aide at our local Catholic school. She is planning to head off to a Catholic university next year, but she did this because she wanted some time to discern her vocation first. It’s always hard to know as a homeschooler how the children are really doing since there is no one to compare them to, but she is doing very well in her college classes, especially the ones that involve writing.

JP, our eldest son, is a senior in homeschooled high school as well as a National Merit Semi-Finalist. We’ll know in a couple weeks if he is a finalist or not. He has a hard decision to make between a small faithful Catholic college and a bigger prestigious Catholic college that is rather lacking in fidelity. He has been accepted to both.

Our next oldest son, A, is a sophomore in high school and doing well. He devotes a lot of his time to Civil Air Patrol, which is an organization that I highly recommend for its abilities to foster leadership skills.

Our next oldest, M, is in 7th grade. She is busy with dance, loves to help me make fiber batts to spin yarn from, and enjoys literature and writing the best.

Our next son, J, is in 4th grade. Like A, he is very efficient and gets his work done quickly, leaving more time for Legos and soccer practice. He’s also very thoughtful and considerate of others.

The baby, D, is everyone’s delight. He’s 10 months old and very busy crawling and cruising and coming up with new words. Baby proofing after this long and with this many people and activities has been quite the challenge, but we’re getting there.